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The stress of dealing with relationship break down is enough to unsettle anyone. Even the most amicable break-up has pitfalls. Whether you are trying to work out custody, financial support or dividing property, let one of our experienced family lawyers in Red Deer help you. Schnell Hardy Jones LLP offers extensive experience, focusing on finding the best solutions for family law disputes.

Traditional Litigation and Mediation from Family Lawyers in Red Deer

The Red Deer and Central Alberta family lawyers at Schnell Hardy Jones LLP participate in both traditional litigation-based proceedings as well as collaborative family law which uses a mediation-based approach to reaching resolution of issues between parties. We recognize that you need someone to advocate your position and our family law lawyers will do so while assisting you in setting realistic resolution goals. We can also assist you with adoption matters and planning for the future with cohabitation/prenuptial and postnuptial Agreements for your peace of mind.

Our Practice Areas

We offer a wide variety of services, including:
Child Custody Issues

We understand it can be challenging to raise a child together following a separation. Conflicts such as living arrangements, parenting schedules and decision making can arise. Our team’s goal is to help you avoid conflicts or toxic situations which could affect your child.

Property Division

Property division is an important aspect of any relationship. In order to move forward successfully, safeguarding your financial well-being is vital. We are proud to have a talented team who are well versed with the intricacies of property division.

Spousal Support

Spousal alimony helps to ensure that no family member faces undue economic hardship because of separation. You can choose to resolve spousal support matters through negotiations between you and your spouse or by court order.

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