Q.: Did you know “for better or worse” in your marriage vows includes your finances?

A.:            Many people attend marriage counselling in an effort to ensure that they have similar thoughts with respect to key issues that may arise during their married life. However, most do not have frank and open discussions about their existing assets and debts, or the accumulation of future assets and debts during their cohabitation or marriage. While many view a cohabitation for prenuptial agreement as an indication one of the parties does not believe the relationship will last, it should instead be viewed as an opportunity for couples to determine how they will manage the assets and liabilities they currently have, deal with the acquisition of assets and liabilities and or, and should the relationship breakdown, how those assets and liabilities will be apportioned between the parties. It is much easier to have discussions about what is “fair” when people are getting along and like each other, then it is when other, more negative emotions are involved. A cohabitation\prenuptial agreement is a financial plan for the couple’s life together.