How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Red Deer Can Help With Your Claim and What to Expect – Pt. 3

Personal injury lawyer Red Deer

The personal injury process can be complex. You may find it especially difficult to navigate the process while you are injured without the help of a personal injury lawyer in Red Deer. To get started, some common questions about a personal injury claim are provided here.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The amount of time needed to settle a case depends on many factors. Accepting an insurer’s “low-ball” offer could take only weeks, but is not advisable. Cases where fault or the extent of injuries are uncertain are unlikely to be settled before these issues are made clear. Cases involving large sums of money use a more stringent procedure and attract more resources from insurers. Time frames may come down to something as arbitrary as the opposing insurer’s policy, as some take a harder position than others to offering compensation.

During the settlement process, the parties and their lawyers will exchange offers in an attempt to settle the case, guided by the damages they estimate would result if the case were to be brought to court.

If your case proceeds to trial, litigation can take several years. In both cases above, the judgment was not given for seven years after the injury.

If your claim is for less than $50,000, you can use Alberta’s Provincial (Small Claims) court to expedite the resolution greatly.

In short, the time frame for a personal injury case ranges from months to years, with extended disputes being the norm.

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