How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Red Deer Can Help With Your Claim and What to Expect – Pt. 2

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The personal injury process can be complex. You may find it especially difficult to navigate the process while you are injured without the help of a personal injury lawyer in Red Deer. To get started, some common questions about a personal injury claim are provided here.

How Much Money Can I Expect from My Personal Injury Claim?

Compensation varies significantly depending on the discomfort and financial cost of injuries. For example, an injury requiring you to miss months of well-paid work, requires expensive devices for treatment, or is excruciatingly painful will increase damage awards. Even for successful cases, damages may be a few thousand dollars, or can range into the millions for debilitating injuries.

Your compensation will also likely depend on whether your damages are capped by Alberta’s Minor Injury Regulation. These regulations limit general damages for sprains, strains, or whiplash suffered in car accidents deemed “not to result in a serious impairment” to $5,020.

Often the compensation in a case will depend on how well it is argued. In McLean v Parmer, 2015 ABQB 62 (CanLII), the regulation could have capped her general damages if her injuries were “minor,” as her doctor suggested.

Ms. McLean was struck by a city bus that ran a red light, suffering soft tissue injuries along with depression, PTSD, and chronic pain. She took time off work and delayed training towards a career as an accountant.

The judge disagreed about the injuries being minor. The injuries had resulted in “serious impairment,” a significant limitation on Ms. McLean’s ability to work, study, or live, and they required extensive treatment.

In the end, Ms. McLean received $60,000, alongside another $112,000 for financial losses. Even if your claim could fall under the cap, consulting with a lawyer before accepting any settlement may allow you to overcome this barrier.

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