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How a Criminal Record Affects Your Personal & Financial Liberties

Being convicted of a crime is a serious matter that can lead to consequences that follow for many years. Some punishments, such as incarceration or being placed on a probation order, will follow directly after an individual is sentenced and last for a pre-determined period of time. Other consequences, such as the imposition of a criminal record, will last much longer into the future and could impact aspects of one’s life such as immigration, travel, and employment.

When is a Criminal Record Imposed?

For adult offenders, criminal records are entered following any conviction, including guilty pleas, to criminal offences. The one exception to this is if the sentence imposed is an absolute or conditional discharge. As outlined by the RCMP, absolute discharges are removed from one’s criminal record after one year assuming the individual does not obtain any more criminal convictions during that year. A conditional discharge takes effect after three years, again assuming the conditions have been met and there are no further criminal convictions. For all other convictions, an individual must apply for a pardon, now known as a record suspension, to have a criminal record removed. The Criminal Records Act requires an individual to wait 10 years to apply for a record suspension in the case of an indictable offence or where punished by more than 6 months imprisonment, and 5 years in most other cases.

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Being charged with a criminal offence is a stressful situation for any individual to face. While some are tempted to plead guilty to get the matter over with, there are long term consequences to consider. If you or someone you care about has been charged with a criminal offence, be sure to speak to an experienced criminal lawyer in Red Deer immediately to ensure your legal rights are protected. This could impact employment, travel and other aspects of your life years into the future. To speak to a criminal lawyer you can trust to protect you legally, look no further than Schnell Hardy Jones LLP. With more than 50 years’ of experience, contact our office today for professional advice in a timely manner.