Choosing a Real Estate Lawyer for My
Home Purchase – Pt 6

Schnell Hardy Jones - Choosing a Real Estate Lawyer for My Home Purchase

Q: What part does the lawyer play in my purchase?

A: The lawyer goes through your offer to purchase and verifies that representations and warranties made by the buyer and the seller are being complied with such as: 

  1. encroachments
  2. conditions of property
  3. Real Property Report
  4. good title – no liens, do the sellers own the property

The lawyer ensures that your mortgage company’s requirements are met on time, they confirm that the home is insured and property taxes are up to date, that any required statutory declarations are sworn and that in the absence of an R.P.R that title insurance is provided.

Our lawyers also confirm that adjustments for condo fees, Real Estate commissions, Land Title fees, property searches, estoppel certificates, R.P.R’s and taxes are taken into account.