Schnell Hardy Jones Response to COVID-19

We are carefully managing and adapting to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and we are dedicated to help our clients do the same. We want to share our approach with you and assure you of our commitment to maintaining uninterrupted service during this global pandemic.

In accordance to the Government of Alberta’s November 24, 2020 announcement, please be advised that we are OPEN by appointment only.

We can accommodate your needs by :

  • Telephone appointments
  • Zoom appointments
  • In office appointments (when necessary)


Remember to Wear your Mask!

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Foreclosure in Alberta

What is foreclosure? Generally speaking, it is a legal process whereby a Lender seeks to recover the balance of a mortgage once that mortgage has gone into default. The Lender accomplishes this by taking ownership of the land subject to the mortgage, or by forcing its sale and using the sale proceeds to satisfy the remaining balance.  However, foreclosure actions are not limited only to Lenders or Mortgagees; in fact, any creditor who has a valid security interest registered against a property can commence a foreclosure action on the property once the debt is in default.  For the purposes of this article, we will discuss the default and process in relation to a mortgage. Continue reading “Foreclosure in Alberta”

Setting Aside a Noting in Default

Being sued is inherently stressful. If someone is making a claim against you, or a business you own, the importance of addressing the problem promptly cannot be overstated. If you fail to meet the court-imposed timelines, it could result in you being “noted in default” – which simply means that the suit can proceed without you being involved at all. Continue reading “Setting Aside a Noting in Default”

Schnell Hardy Jones’ Trista Carey Presenting Estate Planning for Golden Circle

Schnell Hardy Jones LLP law firm in Red Deer, LogoEstate Planning Presentation

Date: Thursday March 4th

time: 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Lawyer Trista Carey, of Schnell Hardy Jones will be the guest speaker at Golden Circle’s Mengagement Program.

Trista’s estate planning presentation will include the topics of personal directives, power of attorney, and an update on the MAID legislation.

To register for this free event, call the Golden Circle at 403-343-6074.

Schnell Hardy Jones LLP Lawyer Trista Carey Guest Speaker with Connecting CommUNITY

Trista is excited to join Kim Fox to be discussing Guardianship and Trusteeship coming up on February 1st. The Connecting CommUNITY is a group of parents coming together to explore options and start planning for the lifespan of their loved one with SPECIAL NEEDS.

Trista is really looking forward to the evening. Pre-registration is required to attend. Visit the link below!